Change Your Yahoo Password

If you want to avoid the fate of having your Yahoo account hacked someday, you may need to change your Yahoo password from time to time, which is a fairly simple task to do. Yet, some people find the procedure of changing Yahoo password a bit sophisticated or confusing. In order to let you change the password of your Yahoo account quickly and easily, we have provided these guidelines.

  1. Start the process of changing the password of your Yahoo account by accessing the website of this portal:

    Here, on the main page of the Yahoo service, you can start the procedure of changing the password of your account

  2. On the front page of it, you should find the "Sign in" button in the right-upper part of the webpage. Click on it.

    Actually, you can sign in to your Yahoo account on this page

  3. On the next Yahoo page, you will be required to type your Yahoo email address in the sign in window. Click on "Next."

    In order to access your account on Yahoo, you have to enter the password and click on "Sign in"

  4. Now, do the same, yet enter your password this time. After doing so, click on "Sign in."

    After clicking on the button of your profile, you should proceed further by going to "Account Info"

  5. In result, you will get access to your account. Find the icon of your Yahoo profile in the right-upper part of the webpage. Move your mouse over it. In the pop-up window, you have to click on "Account Info" in order to proceed further.

    In the section of personal security, you are able to change your Yahoo password

  6. Instantly after opening that Yahoo webpage, you ought to click right on "Account security" on the left, where you will be able to set up a new password for your account on Yahoo.

    In order to change your Yahoo password, give a click to this large text button

  7. There will be a couple of important text buttons in that section for security settings. You need to give a click to "Change password."

    Change your Yahoo password on this page by typing a new password in both fields and clicking on "Continue"

  8. That action will redirect you to the page where you will be able to create a new password. Just think of a reliable password and type it in both fields, placed on that page. If you need the passwords to be displayed in those fields, check the box near "Show password." After all, give a click to the button of "Continue."

    After you have got to see this notification, you can use your newly set password for logging in to your Yahoo account in the future

  9. In result, you must get a notification that the password has been changed. Once you have received that kind of a notification, you can be sure that, since that very moment, you can use the newly set password for accessing your Yahoo account anytime.

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