Recover Your Yahoo Password

Even though Yahoo offers quite enough means for strengthening the security of your account, it might always happen such a pity that your account could be hacked. The risk of simply losing or forgetting the password of your Yahoo account shouldn't be underestimated as well. This step-by-step guide shows in details how to recover your Yahoo password. Enjoy!

  1. Prior to getting to recover your password on Yahoo, you should access the main webpage of this internet portal:

    Even though you need to recover your Yahoo password, you need to click on this button in the first place

  2. You need to find the button of "Sign in" on the main webpage of the internet portal and give a click to it.

    Providing your Yahoo email address and clicking on the "Next" button is necessary in any case

  3. Your next step must be typing the email address in the given field and clicking on "Next."

    This text button will help you to recover your Yahoo password

  4. Since you don't know the password of your account, you need to click on the text button of "Forgot password?", placed beneath the large button of "Sign in."

    Primarily, provide your email address and click on "Continue" on the current webpage

  5. On the next page, you will be asked to type your email address and click on "Continue."

    As a matter of fact, you should make up your mind regarding how you wish to obtain the code onto your mobile

  6. After that, you will be offered to use the mobile phone number (which you had specified during the registration) for the password recovery. In order to use your mobile phone for the purpose of password recovery, click on "Yes, text me an Account Key."

    The recovery code consists of 8 letters and you should enter it in the field, displayed in this screenshot

  7. You will receive a recovery code, consisting of 8 capital letters. You should enter the code in the given field on the next page and click on "Verify."

    After regaining access to your account, you naturally need to set up a new password

  8. Instantly after finishing those manipulations, you will get the access over your account back. Yet, you still need to create a new password for your Yahoo account, if you want to access it in the future. So, click on the button of "Create a new password."

    Setting up a new password is quite simple and requires just to enter a new password twice, once the recovery procedure has been completed

  9. The next page will just recover you to enter a new and reliable password in both fields. Once you have done that, give a click to the button of "Continue."

    Click on this button and proceed to the inbox of your Yahoo account

  10. In result, you will get a notification that says that your password has been updated. From that very moment on, you will be able to use that password each time when attempting to log in to your Yahoo account.

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