How to Strengthen Yahoo Security

The security of your email is the primary issue, regardless of the services of what email service provider you use. Thankfully, Yahoo has given us quite a few means for boosting Yahoo security, whereas one of the most effective ways is enabling the feature of two-step verification. Actually, it works in a pretty simple way: after turning this feature on, you will be asked to verify your access with the help of your phone each time when you actually try to sign in. In order to strengthen the security of your account in this and other ways, follow our guidelines.

  1. Begin the procedure of boosting the security of your email account by accessing the Yahoo's website:

    Sign in to your Yahoo account prior to getting to configure your security settings

  2. On the website, click on the button of "Sign in", situated in the page's right-upper area.

    Provide the email address in order to proceed further

  3. You will proceed to the page for signing in, where you need to enter the email address of yours and click on the button of "Next."

    After typing the password in this particular field, click on "Sign in"

  4. The next page will require you to enter the password and click on "Sign in."

    You are able to configure the settings of Yahoo security by clicking on this menu item

  5. Actually, you have just got to see the inbox page of your account. The settings button, situated in the page's right-upper area and near the button of your account (displayed with your name), should be clicked on by you. Do it. After prompting a pop-up menu, select "Settings."

    Here you can see a few settings for enhancing your Yahoo security

  6. In the window of settings, you should go to the section before the last: "Security" (click it on the left).

    You need to access the page with the information about your account in order to boost security

  7. In the window of security settings, you have just two settings: "Show images in emails" (by default, it is turned off and it should be so) and disposable email addresses. The last setting is a quite long and serious topic, and you can find another article about it in this section of our website.

    These are some means of strengthening Yahoo security

  8. Access inbox again. Move your mouse over the button of your profile. Click on "Account Info."

    Two-step verification allows you to ensure, perhaps, the highest level of security, whereas you will have to use your mobile phone number each time when logging in

  9. Click on "Account security" on the left.

    After verifying your mobile phone number, you will enable the feature of two-step verification

  10. There, you have three means of boosting security: changing your password (it is recommended to do so from time to time), adding another email address for recovery (also a good thing to do), and enabling the feature of two-step verification. Click to turn the two-step verification feature on.

    The security of your account has been significantly strengthened

  11. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your country and mobile number, which you have to verify. In the next place, receive a confirmation code either via an SMS message or a call. For that, click on either "Send SMS" or "Call me."

  12. After obtaining the code (consisting of 5 digits), enter it in the provided field and click on "Verify."

  13. From that moment on, you will have to use your mobile phone each time when signing in to Yahoo.

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