Connecting Your Yahoo Account to Social Networks

If you want to import information about your contacts from your social networks to your actual Yahoo Account, you can get that done easily by synchronizing your accounts. As a matter of fact, the entire procedure is quite simple and does not require much time or effort from you. You should just stick to the guidelines we have provided below.

  1. The first step you should make is going to the webpage of Yahoo, the address of which is the following:

    By clicking on this button, you kick start the process of Yahoo sign in

  2. Access the Yahoo sign in page by clicking on the "Sign in" button, located in the right-upper area of the webpage.

    This way looks the form for signing in to Yahoo

  3. Begin accessing your Yahoo account by entering your email address and clicking on the "Next" button.

    By providing the password and clicking on the „Next" button, you will access your Yahoo account

  4. The next action of yours must be entering your password and clicking on "Sign in."

    This way looks the pop-up menu, where you can access the window of settings

  5. Once you have entered your account on Yahoo, you should move the cursor over the button of settings, situated in the right-upper area of the page. Click on "Settings" in the pop-up menu that has been just opened.

    In the section of „Accounts", you can connect your accounts in social networks to your Yahoo account

  6. In that menu of settings, click on "Accounts" in its menu on the left.

    At first, you must sign in to the social network under your name

  7. In the window of "Accounts" settings, you should draw your attention to the section of "Social networks." First of all, you should choose the account in what social network you want to synchronize with your account on Yahoo: Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

    Allow Yahoo to use your account in a social network

  8. Once you have made up your mind regarding that issue, click on the "Connect" text button near the respective social network.

    Such a notification displays that the access to Yahoo has been provided

  9. In a new window, you will have to authorize Yahoo and give access over your account in a social network to the system of Yahoo. First of all, you should log in to that social network by providing your username/email as well as password and clicking on "Authorize app."

    You can disconnect your Yahoo account from your accounts in social network anytime by clicking on the respective text button

  10. After signing in to your account, you will be asked to authorize Yahoo once again. Click on "Authorize app" one more time.

  11. After it, you will see a notification, displaying that you have successfully synchronized your accounts.

  12. If you will ever want to cease the synchronization of your account on Yahoo with any accounts of yours in social networks, you should access the page of "Accounts" and click on the "Disconnect" text button near the respective social network.

  13. Don't forget to click on "Save" anytime you make any changes.

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