How to Connect Yahoo to Your Dropbox Account

You may make your use of Yahoo far more comfortable and convenient by taking advantage of the feature of synchronization, especially with such services like cloud storages. One of the most popular cloud storage services is, without any doubt, Dropbox, and you are able to connect Yahoo to your account on that service. This will allow you to attach files to the letters you send directly from Dropbox. So if you want to make use of this feature, stick to the instructions, posted beneath.

  1. The first thing you should do is accessing the page of Yahoo, the address of which is the following:

    You can connect Yahoo account of yours to the account at Dropbox, yet you need to access your account in the first place

  2. There will be a "Sign in" button on that page, and you can find it in the right-upper area. Once the button is spotted by you, click on it.

    This is the appearance of the page, where you can start logging in to your Yahoo account

  3. On the following page, you will be able to access your Yahoo account. There will be a field, in which you should enter your Yahoo address and click on "Next."

    Finish the process of signing in by providing the password of yours and clicking on "Sign in"

  4. The same should be done with your password on the next page: enter it in the provided field and click on "Sign in."

    In order to connect Yahoo account of yours to Dropbox, you have to access the window of settings

  5. The button of settings is located near your account's button on the page of your inbox, and you should move your mouse over that settings button. It will lead to a pop-up menu being opened.

    Near the field of Dropbox, you should to click on the "Connect" text button in order to synchronize the accounts

  6. In the menu, you should select "Settings."

    This page shows that you need to log in to your Dropbox account in the first place

  7. After opening the window of settings, you should click on "Accounts", among other menu items, on the left.

    Once you have logged in to the Dropbox account of yours, click on "Allow"

  8. On the page of Accounts, you are able to connect Yahoo account of yours to other popular services, including Dropbox. Click on the "Connect" text button near the Dropbox line.

    You can stop the synchronization of your accounts at any time by giving a click to this text button

  9. In a new browser window, you will be asked to log in to your Dropbox. Provide your email, password, and click on "Sign in."

  10. Immediately after doing so, you will be able to give access to your Dropbox account to Yahoo. Click on "Allow."

  11. Once that has been done, your Dropbox account will get immediately synchronized. Don't forget to click on "Save."

  12. You are able to disconnect Dropbox from your Yahoo account by clicking on the "Disconnect" text button, placed near the Dropbox field.

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