How to Change Your Yahoo Theme

In fact, Yahoo is valued by many of its users primarily thanks to its abundance of customization features, and one of the features that allows you to change the way your page looks completely is a change of your Yahoo theme. It not merely changes the way how your page appears to be, yet makes the entire looks of your Yahoo account special, bright, and inspiring in some way. So if you got bored of the standard theme of Yahoo and wish to change it for another theme, make use of the guidelines, published right below.

  1. Start giving a change to the design of your Yahoo page by accessing the main webpage of this internet portal:

    Indeed, you can easily change your Yahoo theme in a quite simple way, yet you need to sign in to your account first

  2. On the page of Yahoo, you should click on the "Sign in" button, situated in the right-upper area of the webpage.

    As you can understand from this screenshot, you need to type your email address and click on "Next"

  3. The following page will offer you to sign in to the system. There, you should type your email in the provided field and give a click to "Next."

    The last step in the process of Yahoo sign in is providing the password of your Yahoo account

  4. Eventually, you should enter the password of your account on the next page. Click on "Sign in."

    You can access the page of Yahoo themes right in this pop-up menu

  5. After accessing the webpage of your account on Yahoo (your inbox, actually), you should find the "Settings" buttons in the shape of cogwheel, situated in the right-upper area. After spotting it, move your cursor over it, thus triggering a pop-up menu.

    As you can see, changing your Yahoo theme actually changes the entire background picture of your account's page

  6. In that menu, you should click on "themes" (the first item in the menu).

    You will see how a particular theme looks each time you will click on a new theme, and you should click on "Done" after selecting the Yahoo theme you wish to apply

  7. Subsequently, you will get to see the window of themes, and that is the place where you can switch to another theme. There are quite many themes offered for you, and you can view how each of the themes looks by simply clicking on that theme.

    This screenshot of the Yahoo page shows how the design of a page will be changed

  8. Once you have made up your mind regarding what a theme you want to apply, give a click to that theme. In the next place, give a click to the "OK" button, situated at the bottom of the window of themes.

  9. You will immediately notice how the looks of the entire page has changed. From that moment on, you will be seeing that theme anytime while using your Yahoo account. However, you can switch to another theme at any time, using the same set of actions as a couple of minutes before.

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